Pavel Balabanov

Regulatory Measures Working Group Member


  • Scientific administrator at European Medicines Agency
  • Voluntary consultant in neurology at Information centre for rare diseases and orphan drugs


  • Scientific administrator at European Medicines Agency
  • Assistant teaching professor of neurology at Medical University-Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Neurologist at University Hospital Plovdiv, Bulgaria


A clinical neurologist by training, who before joining the Agency, practiced full time at the Clinic of Neurology, University Hospital – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Currently employed as an EMA product lead (EPL) in CNS and Ophtalmology, Scientific and Regulatory Management Department, Human Medicines Evaluation Division of the European Medicines Agency.

Primary responsibilities at the current position include:

  • Providing expert input in neurology for the department’s core business in the Safety and Efficacy part related to pre- and post-authorization activities of centralized applications/marketing authorizations.
  • Maintaining product oversight and follow-up on product related activities, addressing the life cycle development and interactions with external stakeholders.
  • Ensuring the quality of opinions,
  • Providing support to the CNS working party and Scientific advisory groups
  • Participating in the internal scientific training and development and cross-agency activities,

Previously employed in the Scientific Advice section of the Agency, where responsibilities included the provision of scientific advice and administrative support for the Scientific advice working party (SAWP), Committee for human medicinal products (CHMP) and other working parties and committees at the Agency.

Academic degrees:
PhD on Pharmacoeconomics of anti-epileptic treatment, and a full time assistant professor of neurology at the Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Primary areas of interest:
rare neuro-muscular diseases, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke.

Clinical neurology, Scientific advice and Protocol assistance, Clinical trial designs, pre- and post-authorization activities of centralized applications/marketing authorizations;

United Kingdom