Networking Meetings

Networking workshops are organized to discuss common challenges

Future activities

Spring 2016
Topics: Systemic delivery & delivery to the central nervous system
Organizers: Annemieke Aartsma-Rus and to be announced
Location: to be announced
NB: there will be two back to back workshop – members can participate in either one or both

Past activities
Networking workshops were organized to discuss common challenges

April 2014
Topic: Chemistry and Toxicology
Organizers: Mike Gait, Samir El Andaloussi and Edvard Smith
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

May 2015
Topic: Animal models
Organizers: Sabine Krause and Annemieke Aartsma-Rus
Location: Munich, Germany

April 2015
Post EMA/COST/SCOPE-DMD meeting workshop
Organizers: Francesco Muntoni and Annemieke Aartsma-Rus
Location: London, UK

December 2013
Topic: Delivery to CNS
Organizers: Lourdes Desviat, Llorena Gallego-Villar, Aurélie Goyenvalle and Matthew Wood
Location: Madrid, Spain

September 2013
Topic: Delivery
Organizer: Annemieke Aartsma-Rus
Location: Leiden, the Netherlands

Annemieke Aartsma-Rus - Netherlands
Sandra Alves - Portugal
Virginia Arechavala-Gomeza - Spain
Elena Battaglioli - Italy
Alfred Brusco - Italy
Francina Munell Casadesus - Spain
Ruben Cauchi - Malta
Simona Cavalieri - Italy
Giuseppina Covello - Italy
Michela Alessandra Denti - Italy
Lourdes Desviat - Spain
George Dickson - United Kingdom
Petra Disterer - United Kingdom
Samir El Andaloussi - Sweden
Alessandra Ferlini - Italy
Mirjam Franken-Verbeek - Netherlands
Mike Gait - United Kingdom
Lorena Gallego-Villar - Spain
Elisa Giorgio - Italy
Nathalie Goemans - Belgium
Aurélie Goyenvalle - France
Susan Hammond - United Kingdom
Mads Aaboe Jensen - Denmark
Cecilia Jimenez-Mallebrera - Spain
Silvana Jirka - Netherlands
Batsheva Kerem - Israel
Bernard Khoo - United Kingdom
Janbernd Kirschner - Germany
Sabine Krause - Germany
Lilana Matos - Portugal
Chiara Passarelli - Italy
France Pietri-Rouxel - France
Linda Popplewell - United Kingdom
Valerie Robin - France
Françoise Rouault - France
Anwar Ryan - Israel
Bård Smedsrød - Norway
Edvard Smith - Sweden
Volker Straub - United Kingdom
Willeke van Roon-Mom - Netherlands
Ingrid Verhaart - Netherlands
Maggie C. Walter - Germany
Dominic Wells - United Kingdom
Matthew Wood - United Kingdom
Haiyan Zhou - United Kingdom